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Iceland Generates 99.5% of its Energy From Renewable Sources

Iceland is not a large country and it only has a population of around 330,000 — but it does have plenty of geothermal and hydro-electric sources. In fact according to a recent TreeHugger article written by editor Lloyd Alter, almost 99.5% of the country’s power comes from renewable sources. The country is so successful in providing clean energy, that other countries want to get in on the action — including the UK.

For several months, the UK has been working with Iceland in order to construct a giant 930 mile undersea cable to pump some of Iceland’s plentiful supply of geothermal energy to the UK. Energy Minister Charles Hendry, due to visit Reykjavik next month, said Iceland was “very keen” on the idea. If successful, the scheme could certainly grow beyond the UK to benefit a number of other countries.

However, there are some that are concerned about Iceland’s geothermal expansion. Environmental group ‘Saving Iceland’ has warned that recent studies show links between asthma and sulphur pollution from geothermal power plants.

Images: aromano and vicmontol
Read more: Iceland Generates 99.5% of its Energy From Renewable Sources


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