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Bill Gates £4.1m Solar-powered toilets

A toilet that produces biological charcoal, minerals, and clean water
by Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Microsoft founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates, earlier this week awarded a total of £153,000 in prize money to universities which produced the most impressive concepts for his “Reinventing the Toilet” challenge.

He also handed out a further £2.2m in grants to help develop a series of other clean tech toilet projects, bringing the scheme’s total investment to about £4.1m.

Led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the initiative aims to develop new technologies that can improve public health in the developing world where clean water and electricity are not readily available. Using strict criteria, universities were last year asked to develop prototypes that can capture and process human waste without piped water, access to sewers, or electrical connections, and all at an affordable price.

“The flush toilets we use in the wealthy world are irrelevant, impractical and impossible for 40 per cent of the global population, because they often don’t have access to water, and sewers, electricity, and sewage treatment systems,” said Gates in a blog post.

Click to read the full story on the participant finalist prototypes and find out the winner!


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